Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cows in the Gym

Yesterday I tackled my speedwork for the week (thanks to my nutella breakfast) and because there were thunderstorms forecast ALL DAY I did it on a treadmill at the gym. My last speed workout was fine, but at the end I thought maybe I could have given just a little bit more. So, this time I thought I would make it slightly harder for myself. I only increased the speeds and times a little bit but it really was tough!
I ran 6 x 400's at a 7:24 pace with 400's in between at 10:00 pace for recovery. After the 6 I felt like I had an extra smidgen to give so I ran one last 400 at a 6:42 pace. That's the furthest I've run at that speed, definitely. In fact, that may be the first time I've ever attempted 9 mph on the treadmill at all. Woo-hoo!

So back to the cow in the gym. I'm plugging away, doing my sprints, when I catch the Chick-fil-A mascot in the corner of my eye. I haven't been to Chick-Fil-A in years but when I see a giant cow in a red shirt I know what's up. So he's there with his buddy and they are passing out free samples in the gym. During one of my sprints, I actually had to barely eek out because I was so breathless tell him no thanks. Seriously? I'm pretty unimpressed that there are live fast food ads in the gym.

Anyway, after that I had a great day with the hubs. The crazy thunderstorm weekend turned out to be...80 degrees and sunny? It is the same forecast for today so we are pool-hunting! There has got to be one around here somewhere....

I need suggestions for speed workouts. What do you do for sprints/intervals?
I've only done a few speed workouts. 400's at basically as fast as I think I can go, and then some "pyramid runs" where I go faster and faster and then bring the speed back down.

Do you think gyms should allow fast food restaurants to give out samples?
I'm really against this. It's distracting from the workout, and I think that within a gym a healthy lifestyle should be encouraged, not fast food. 

**Random Side Note--if any of you drink Emergen-C (or want to start) they have free samples on their website. I signed up for a few and they came within about 10 days. They have Vitamin C, obviously, but lots of other vitamins too and they are pretty tasty. 


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  3. Your speedwork sounds awesome! Very speedy! I don't have much advice...the only thing I ever do is my form of "tempo," which I don't think is even right :)

    It is weird for fast food places to advertise in the gym. I would have been distracted and annoyed, too. Though I will admit..I love me some chick-fil-a!

  4. Fast food in the gym? That's ridiculous! The smell would make me so sick!

    Um 9.0? WOW! Sounds like you definitely saved a little something for the end... and I thought I was badass at 8.5, haha.

  5. eeeek on the fast food in the gym. that just does not even sound appetizing!

    way to go on your speed totally ROCKED it. your paces were crazy fast! I have never tried shorter intervals...when I was doing speed workouts I usually did mile intervals with 400-800 breaks inbetween.

    Have an awesome day!!

  6. That would really upset me if I was there. I mean I firstly do not like fast food, but it is just rude to be pushing at a place where you are trying to make yourself a better person...
    Great job on the speedwork btw!!!

  7. You're awesomely speedy! Ew - that would be annoying to have people shoving fast food in your face while you're trying to concentrate on a workout.

  8. Hey Vanessa! Thanks for stopping by, love your blog! I do NOT think they should advertise fast food in gyms, that defeats the purpose of why you are there! lol

  9. Jeez, they do know they're targeting the wrong demographic right?! I'm all for staring longingly at the Food Network while on the 'mill, but to actually be promoting unhealthy food at a gym is something else.

  10. I agree about no fast food stuff in gyms, however...I LOVE chick-fil-a.

  11. this is hilarious. i guess if they bring in fruit cups and grilled chicken it's okay to be at the gym, haha!