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Hiking Adventures

When hubs and I first moved to Georgia 2 1/2 months ago, all I wanted to do was explore the area and go hiking. And we did! Every weekend we packed our bags (lots of snacks, of course) and took off in search of somewhere beautiful to hike and enjoy. Sadly, Mr. Gourmet Runner hurt his calf a while ago and those adventures are off the table for a bit. We think it's a strained calf muscle and the best thing is to keep off of it whenever possible. Send him get-well-soon vibes please! Since I'm missing the great outdoors I thought I would share with you some pictures of the hikes we have taken the last few months. Some are a little silly but that's ok, right?
*Disclaimer: any/all of the good photos below will have been taken by hubby. Unless it's on a plate or covered in chocolate I'm basically not interested in taking the picture.
Southern approach to Appalachian Trail
Amicalola Falls--Beautiful!
Yours Truly
Us at Fort Mountain State Park

In the snow at Fort Mountain--beautiful!
Attacking myself with an icicle. Not normal. 
I'm missing these great outdoor adventures big time but once the hubsicle's calf is all better we'll be out there again!

Do you like to hike?
Holy cow, yes! So much fun. I wouldn't mind doing the same hike over and over again though, which might be boring to some people (aka hubs). He is always looking for a new hike. 

Do you like to take photos of everything or just things blog-related?
I'm trying to get into the habit of having a camera with me all the time, but it's new for me. I actually don't even have a camera, technically. I'm borrowing one of my husband's 13 gazillion cameras. 


  1. Those are gorgeous! I love hiking trails, especially with a waterfall :)

  2. So funny you posted this today, because my husband is in GA for a conference, and is going hiking this weekend. I'm so jealous, I wish I could go!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE hiking. oh man. can't get enough of it. especially love taking my pup out for hikes!

    thanks for sharing the pics :)

    I ALWAYS forget to take pictures...good thing blogging is inspiring me!

  4. Beatiful photos! I like to hike but rarely do it. I always have a camera on me. Always. I mostly take pictures of food but it's nice to have for all those surprise moments!

  5. I actually haven't hiked since I was a girl scout but it is actually I would like to try out in the future.
    I used to take pics of everything but have kind of slacked off, I'm trying to pick it back up for my blogging.

  6. I love hiking!!! We don't go nearly as often as I'd like to but I am planning on getting some good hikes in sometime in the near future!!!

    I enjoy taking pictures of lots of things. But I usually use my phone. My camera is so outdated.

  7. I love Amicalola! Have you ever hiked through Callaway? Not a super rigorous hike but gorgeous!! :)

  8. I really like to hike! I should do more!

  9. Love these pictures Vanessa! Hiking is one of my favorite things to do too!! Awww!

    I like to take pics of "frameable moments" but more so blog related things!!

  10. Boy do I know a whole different side of GA! I need to go find all that stuff!!

  11. I love hiking and scrambling, but it can be awfully hard to come by in NYC, unless you count a long walk in Central Park ( I don't:).

    And yes...I do lug my camera everywhere (but I did that before I was a blogger. I LOVE taking photos!).

  12. WOW!!! Great Pics!! The BF and I love to hike, too! I hope Mr. Gourmet Runner gets better soon:(

    PS: I'm a photo/video taking WHORE! Thank goodness for the iPhone:) 500 things in one!

  13. Beautiful! Get well soon Mr Gourmet Runner!

  14. I love hiking! Those pictures are awesome!! I always bring a camera with me and take tons of pictures!


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