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Marathon Monday!

Last night I did a very brave thing. I may or may not regret it later today when I watch the Boston Marathon. The sweat, the tears, the pain...and then I'll know it was the right decision when I see some very happy men and women cross the finish line. 
I signed up for my first marathon!
I may be just a little excited. When this popped up on the computer screen I went crazy:

Obviously, I'm running the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon. I first heard about it through Beepieruns (who is having a baby in a week and still blogging, awesome woman!) and once I read about it I had to do it. The marathon is capped at 700 runners, which is perfect for me since I don't love the idea of running in crowds. It's also a double loop through the battlefield's national military park, which is such a cool idea to me. Literally running through history. EXTRA BONUS, it's an hour from my house, with race-morning packet pick-up. So I can wake up in my own bed the morning of and save some pennies on a hotel. Basically, YAY!  :)

Last night called for a quick healthy dinner so I compiled a few favorites on to a plate and called it a day. Here we have a baked sweet potato cut into wedges, a scoop of tabouli, and some sesame kale. 

Thank you, Whole Foods. Between your rye bread loaves and your deli bar you provide me with so much tasty and nutritional goodness. Please move closer to me so I don't have to make it a monthly event and can instead partake of your deliciouness daily. 

I'm desperately seeking streaming sites online that I can use to watch the actual coverage of the Boston Marathon today. Looks like if I want to watch it I'll have to shell out $5? No thanks, I'll keep looking!
Hope you all have wonderful Monday mornings!

Do you prefer big races or small ones?
I prefer the trail races because they're not busy, but the idea of a trail marathon makes me shake in my boots!! 

What's the next race on your agenda?
Trail half-marathon in Chattanooga in one month!

What's your typical Monday morning breakfast?
No surprise here--oatmeal! I won't change it because I love it! With almonds, dried fruit, and flax. 


  1. Awesome job signing up for a marathon! You are gonna LOVE it. I personally prefer larger races. I like the feeling of being surrounded by people working towards the same goals. I think it is so fun to see all different types of people from all different walks of life running right along side with you. My next big race is Grandmas Marathon this summer in duluth, but April 30th I am running a 5k =). This year I am trying to race once of month if I can. Happy Running!! - Jen

  2. Wahoo! Way to go! When you cross the finish line you will be so excited that you will want to sign up for your next one :) It is very addicting! Oh and I love whole foods and wish is was closer to my house. I could eat their salad bar everyday. I really have only done big races but I don't mind them because I get in my zone and ignore everyone around me.....well most of the time. My sisters and I are running Grandma's marathon in June and I am super excited. Breakfast today pre-run graham crackers and post- run toast with almond butter and banana!

  3. Haha ok so I just noticed my sister Jen and I both commented at the same time on your post. She lives in Colorado and me in Brooklyn, NY. :)

  4. How exciting! I think I probably prefer smaller races. The crowds definitely tend to stress me out. I've heard of that race before, and it sounds really cool! You'll do great!

    And I was back to cereal and hard boiled egg for a boring Monday breakfast :)

  5. Yeah for your first marathon!!!!!

  6. woohoo! for your first marathon! My first one is in October.

    My typical monday breakfast is the same as every morning, oatmeal+apple sauce+cinnamon+fruit=delicious

  7. Eeeeeeeek! Good for you! It's so nice to have goals to motivate you to get out the door. How far off is it?

  8. How exciting for you!!! I'm planning my first one for the fall, but haven't registered quite yet. I like smaller size races too, but the big ones are fun too, just hard to run...

  9. congrats on signing up for your first marathon!! that is so exciting!! i can't wait to do one someday!!! for now my scardy cat self is sticking to halfs! i'll definately be searching for the boston race online today as well!

  10. Chickamauga 2010 was my first marathon!!!!!!! It was 100x better than I expected. Perfect weather, good course, beautiful scenery... it was perfect. I'm such a creature of habit I wanted to do it again this year, but decided to branch out and I'm doing the Savannah Rock N Roll the weekend before. We'll be training at the same time : ) Have fun!

  11. Congrats on signing up for your first marathon, I have yet to take that leap, I am running my 2nd Half Marathon in October and I am waiting to see how that goes before I attempt a full marathon.

  12. Good for you. It felt amazing when I signed up for mine. So much more incentive to keep running every day. Good luck with your training!

  13. Congratulations on signing up for the marathon! This will change your life!!!

  14. congrats that's so exciting! i got an incredible feeling of nervous excitement when i signed up for my first marathon!

    my next race is a half marathon on the beach on may 1st! i'm hoping its nice enough to take a dip in the ocean after! :)

    i'm in love with everything whole foods, and there aren't any in NH, so i go way less than when i lived in boston. sad for my belly, happy for my bank account.

  15. Check out the Boston marathon website. They just posted updates!! (I had a scout at the finish line!! (: )

  16. Welcome to the world of marathoning! Congrats and you should be proud of yourself for taking the plunge :) It's worth every ounce of energy, pain and sweat, but the best part is, it's more FUN than any of the negative stuff!

  17. Congrats on taking the marathon leap! How exciting! I seem to run better at smaller races but I love me a huge race once in a while. Next race is a half on 5/1.

  18. That's so awesome! Congrats!

    I've only done run race so far, but it was small & I really enjoyed it.

    Next race I'm thinking about is a 10K in May. I need to see if I can find someone to watch my kiddos.

  19. i just found your blog and, let's be honest, i love it. CONGRATULATIONS on signing up for your first marathon! this is so exciting!

  20. I admire you for registering for a full marathon! How exciting for you, and the training the wonderful training. I am not there yet but I will be excited to watch your journey from the sidelines!

    I haven't signed up for my next race yet but there is a 5 miler I am thinking about and maybe a 10k but I haven't full on commited in my mind yet!

    Typical Monday Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast w/ 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg smothered in SALSA NOM NOM....but really I love oatmeal but normally not right after I work out which is first thing in the morning :)

  21. that's very exciting! you are so brave! good luck!

  22. Congrats on signing up! How exciting!!! I'm running my first half marathon this coming June. :)

  23. So awesome signing up for a marathon. I have been debating it myself...there is one on our anniversary weekend in Glacier National Park (so like 5 months away). I just don't know yet!! I prefer small races, however the bigger they are the less likely you'll come in last.

  24. Yay! So glad you're gonna do it! You'll have to drive up to the battlefield sometime and do some training runs with us. As it gets closer to time we'll do several long runs through the battlefield and it will get you nice and familiar with the route. Check out for more info

  25. Oh yeah, thanks for the shout-out :)

  26. whoah don't take that text literally (you are not signed up for all three races ;)) Congrats on signing up! I am inspired

  27. Ooh, how exciting!!! Firsts of any distance are always exciting to me!

    I was totally stalking the heck out of Boston this morning - but like you I chose to not fork over an $$ for it. I found out my info for free, and had a blast doing it!

  28. yay marathons!

    thanks for the super sweet comment! your gorgeous too! <3

    marathons are very addicting! i'm excited to follow you on your journey!

  29. Congratulations on signing up for your first marathon! That is so exciting! I like mid-size races, a couple thousand people maybe. Not so many that I have to fight for space, but enough that I'm not last :)

  30. CONGRATS! I've heard GREAT things about that race!!!

  31. Congrats on signing up for your first 26.2!!! Exciting!

    I haven't even run my first race so not sure if I like big or small.

    1st race is scheduled for May 8th (Mother's Day 5K)!!! So nervous!

    Monday Morning breakfast: Vanilla Yogurt with granola and berries. Yum!

  32. ummmmm how did I miss this post?????????? congrats girl! I am SO excited for you!! when is the race??

    I prefer about medium sized races where there are always people around when you are running but not so many people that it feels overcrowded and like there is no space.

    Monday morning breakfast was oatmeal as well :) with fruit, pb and choc pudding powder.

    have an awesome day!!! cant wait to read about your marathon training.

    also I REALLY want to do a trail race. I am feeling inspired by you :)

  33. yeah! you decided on a race! sooo excited for you! trail races scare me too, i just feel like i would get totally beat up!


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