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'Twas the night before Easter...

... and all through the house, no candy or chocolate was safe, from Vanessa's mouth. 

Peeps on a stick. Holy deliciousness. The perfect treat to accompany my Saturday night reality TV binge. Apparently I didn't get the memo that Easter was on Sunday, because we busted out all our yummy Easter treats yesterday. Chocolate nests were made (recipe here) and a few may have been consumed a little early. Here are the first few in their muffin tins waiting to get hard:

And then the finished product filled with mini eggs:

Easter morning workout was a sweatfest in order to make room for more treats today. I'm still on the elliptical until I get some new shoes, but today I added intervals to make it a bit more challenging and a bit less boring. How am I okay to run for a couple of hours on a treadmill but 1 hour on the elliptical seems like torture?

Which cardio machines do you love/hate?
Treadmill I love (duh), elliptical and stairmaster I have a complicated relationship with, rowing machines I like I hate. 5 minutes on that guy and my quads hurt and I'm bored. 

What are your Easter treats for today?
More mini eggs and nests I'm sure....we will see what else I get my hands on!



  1. hahaha! I have been eating Easter candy for 2 straight weeks. It is Easter and I am almost too sick of it all to even look at it. ha! (j/k...sure I will dig into it again later!)

    Cardio machines are tough for me...even the treadmill. However, knowing I am training for something helps me with the treadmill. Otherwise...I have to mix it up and use like every machine for about 20 minutes just to not get bored!

    Happy Easter!

  2. I have a lot of trouble with all indoor cardio. I only like spinning because my instructor and the other people in the class are all awesome. I lose interest quickly when trying to do any machines on my own. I can only handle about 20 minutes at a time, then I'll do something else (pretty much the only time I lift weights :)), them come back to it.

    I've got some cadbury chocolate, too, and some strawberry cupcakes I made yesterday because they somehow seemed Easter/springlike to me at the time. Now it doesn't really make any sense :) But they're delicious!

    Have a good Easter!

  3. that looks DELICIOUS! growing up (I'm half Greek), we celebrated both the eastern and western easters and it was AWESOME because I got double treats :).

    Elliptical totally confuses me! I always feel like my HR stays around 50 on it...maybe I just need to try harder ?

  4. That looks really good! I am not a fan of indoor exercise. It bores me really easily. I can usually run on the treadmill if I am watching tv though! :0)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my new blog. I was SO excited to see I had a few new follower/comments. I look forward to checking out your blog today. I so wish I could eat the Easter candy but you know...the Medifast thing. What I can do though is have a reality tv marathon...LOVE. My favorite piece of equipment would be the treadmill of course and it depends on the eliptical, bike I'm ok for 30 minutes but I do find it boring so I read a book usually. I'd rather run and do fitness classes than anything else. Have a great day.

  6. Yummy! I have been binging on Easter candy since they first put it on the shelves in early March. oops!

    I would rather run on the treadmill for 2 hours than on the elliptical for 30 minutes. That sounds dramatic but I promise it is the truth. Have a fabulous Easter lady. Lets all start our sugar fast tomorrow. mmmmk!

  7. Yummy Easter candy!!! I had a small binge last night. I am actually really patient on exercise equipment. I can do the treadmill, elliptical, stair stepper....I can even put my bike on the trainer for a long time. I'm not really sure where that patience comes from. I think by adding in intervals and thinking of time in 10 minutes slots makes it easy. Warm up 10 minutes, 5 mins hard 5 mins easy repeat 5 x's and cool down 10 minutes. I think by doing that it makes it really easy on the mind. I made Mama Pea's Peanut butter cookie dough balls last night and today were making our way through the batch :)

  8. Mmmm those nests look awesome! I'm not a Christmas/Easter treats maker, but after seeing all of these yummy things, I think I'll have to start!

    I'm pretty much an equal opportunity cardio machine hater... I hate them all! :) I use the treadmill if it's super cold or icy... but that's about it.

  9. Questions for you about the elliptical! What tempo do you keep it above... 100? And do you ever get a sharp side pain after awhile? I eventually had a nasty breakup with the elliptical because I too would get bored on it, but more importantly it would give me this gnarly side pain that would stop me in my tracks!

    PS: chocolate nests looks FANTASTICAL!!!!!

  10. peeps on a stick! awesome!

    I pretty much hate all exercise machines except the treadmill. That could be because I pretty much hate crosstraining.

    My treats today were cadbury mini eggs!!

  11. Easter Candy is bad... oh so bad, to bad I have eaten my share in weight. eek.

  12. I think the treadmill is ok but the rest of the machines suck. I prefer to run outside :)
    I LOVE Cadbury mini eggs but didn't buy any this year. Good thing. :)

  13. Mmm mini eggs! My fav are definitely creme eggs! They are just too good!

  14. Dislike:
    -everything else

    -Running (outside preferred, treadmill OK in dire situations)

  15. I like the elliptical & the bike, but the treadmill is my last resort. I get bored, & for whatever reason, have a super hard time maintaining my pace. I'm much faster outside. The mill also gives me shin splints.

    I'm drooling over those nests. YUM.

  16. Those "nests" look so cute! I was pretty good this Easter, all I had were some Cadbury eggs and mini Robin's eggs. Though I did have about 4 donut muffins at brunch too :)

    I can do almost any cardio machine if I have a TV in front of me. Except the stairmaster, 5 minutes and I quit.

  17. lori loughlin you ever get Angie Harmon? I see some of that in you.

    Ellipticals are my best friend. I actually look SO forward to them, because that is the only time I allow myself to read magazines, and I love magazines. A good time had by all.

  18. Treadmill = LOVE. Stairmaster = worst nightmare.

    I didn't get to bake anything for Easter since I'm staying with family who don't overly celebrate it... but I want to make those nests when I'm home! They look delicious!! Happy Easter!!

  19. Okay, I love that picture of you eating peeps off a stick! Elliptical = boring!

  20. LOVE the peeps on a skewer - too funny! I've definitely eaten too many peeps in the past few days...

  21. The Peep-Kabob did it for me! O, man! did you eat them all?


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