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Long Run Tuesday

So today was long run day for me. Yes, I know I'm the only person ever who runs their longest run on a Tuesday, but it works for me! Since it was rainy and I'm a wimp, it meant that I would be living in the gym this morning. I upped the incline and ran between .05% and 1% incline the whole time. I've read a few things about incline on treadmills that equal "flat" outside--anyone want to tell me what they know? Is 1% incline on the 'mill about flat? I definitely don't want to be running such long runs at a decline. 

Anyway... I ran 14 miles in 2:15:02 (9:38 pace) which I was pretty pleased with. I was aiming for 2:15 and sprinted at the end but missed it by 2 seconds!! I had a big stretch and then showered at the gym and just let the freezing cold water run on my legs for a while. I'm pretending that it was an ice bath. Close enough, right?

Refueling today was a very fun experience. I went to a pizza buffet place since I figured I would get my money's worth after 14 miles of running. Normally I start with a salad when it's buffet but today I went straight for the pizza first:

2 slices and 1 breadstick with marinara sauce later, I was ready for some veggies....

After this salad I was basically full but like I said, important to get your money's worth....

So I squeezed in one last breadstick and slice of veggie pizza. I have to tell you about the strangest/awesomest pizza ever that they had there. Um, Mac and Cheese pizza? Has anyone ever tried this? It's basically pizza crust with mac and cheese on top. Hubby got a slice (of course I tasted) and it was surprisingly good! I feel a little gross just for eating it but hey, it was tasty!

They had tons of dessert pizzas, brownies, etc. but I skipped them all since I knew what I had waiting for me at home...Swedish Fish!
Deciding on my next fishy victim....

And devouring him!

Clearly, I had a little too much fun with the whole refueling process. Hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday, and please go check out Jen's GIVEAWAY! I don't want to give too much away but let me just say...Garmin! Hurry, go check it out and follow her, she's fantastic!

What do you normally do after your long runs?
I always stretch and foam-roll, but as I get into longer distance I'm thinking about ice-baths, etc. Would love some advice or suggestions!

What's the strangest pizza topping you've ever tried?
Mac and Cheese is up there, but in Hong Kong there were places where the pizza base was made out of rice instead of weird. 


  1. During my long runs I think of what yummy food I am going to eat when I am finished :) You definitely made a good choice!!!

  2. I'm glad u had a good run... Did u goto Stevie b's? I LOVE that place. I can literally clean out their salad bar and eat 10 pieces of pizza. I had a horrible run today I'm gonna blog about it later I'm so depressed. I've tried ice baths I cannot do them. I would rather be sore and I always am. They say 1% on the tread is like flat outside. I run at 2 or 2.5% On the tread and it makes so that I run slightly faster outside. Except when I do speed work I do that at 0.

  3. I do my long runs on Tuesday too! We're weird together :) That pizza looks AAAAAAmazing! After my long runs, I pig out and relax. I've wanted to try that Mac n Cheese pizza but it kind of scares me. Glad to know it actually tastes good!

    Oh, and about the TM, yeah 1% is the general rule to match outside conditions.

  4. Ok first of all, I love pizza and salad AND swedish fish is my new candy obsession! lol
    Also I love mac-n-cheese, it's probably my biggest weakness, so putting it with pizza, might be fantastic, I may have to try that someday!

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with the ice baths after a long run (love because it works, hate because it's freaking cold!!). I say definitely try it and see if it works for you! I also swear by fighting the urge to just be a couch potato the day of a long run because I feel it makes my muscles super stiff the next day. I try to just keep on moving!

  6. The common man's marathon sounds AWESOME.

    I usually celebrate long runs with a super gross greasy breakfast. Healthy? No. Delicious? OH YEAH.

  7. What a great long run! I loved what you wrote about why you love to run! I found the same thing. Less time criticizing and more time appreciating!
    I like a good ice bath but it takes time. I do think it helps though.

  8. Haha I did last weeks long run on Thursday so no worries! Great job on your run!! After a long run I usually use The Stick to roll out my muscles. And I don't do weird pizza toppings... I'm a chicken!! :)

  9. I would have also opted for the gym over the rain. For me I am a roller and compression sock girl. The wildest i have ever gotten with pizza was a buffalo chicken pizza. :)

  10. Wow! Great pace for such a long run.

    My crazy pizza is prob ham and pineapple, but usually I just stick to one with a ton of veggies.

    I don't really have a bath tub so instead I just get multiple re-usable ice packs. I invested in the sport ones that have velcro so I can do other things while I'm icing.

  11. after long runs I definitely stretch, foam roll, ice if needed, ibuprofen if needed, chocolate milk, and EAT. then rest :)

    awesome job on your run today!

    I am trying to think of the strangest pizza I have ever eaten?? there is this spud pizza at pizza pie cafe that I can't decide about yet because I am too afraid to try it.

    Also I just need to say that I LOVE your blog :) and think you are amazing! have a good night!

  12. You're a rock star for that pace & the mileage!! Your pizza looks yummy, & I would be all over that kind of a meal after such a long run. :-)

    I can't think of a crazy pizza I've tried - one of my favorites is barbecued chicken, or the one from California Pizza Kitchen with the salad on top? Can't think of the name of it.

    So far my longest run has been four miles, so I'm not sure how helpful this is :-), but I stretch, foam roll, & ice if my ankle/knee is sore.

  13. I do ice baths and they WORK! I usually start the water around room temperature and get in and let the body adjust before simultaneously draining some water while turning on the cold water. Also, I keep on a shirt (and sometimes hoodie depending on if I'm really feeling like a pansy that day!) during, and that helps. And once the water's in, I add a couple bags of ice. They really do work. I wrote about my first one here if you want to read about it :)

  14. Also, I want a stack of cucumber slices now. :D

  15. I can hardly handle 2 miles on the treadmill, so I'm totally impressed! You are awesome!

    I do ice baths for anything over 15 miles, and I'm pretty sure they're magic. No soreness AT ALL after both my 20 milers while I was training for my marathon. Truth.

  16. I try to do some light yoga that night or the day after... it's way easier for me to get into yoga than stretching. I know, that's horrible, isn't it?

    The mashed strawberries in the oats is a MUST. I put them in a pot over low heat and start mashing them as they heat up... all of the juices come out and it looks like jam (makes blending it into the cooked oatmeal much easier as well!)

  17. long run on a tuesday. 14 miles on a treadmill. wow and wow! you rocked it! weirdest pizza i've ever tasted was a BLT pizza being sampled at a local grocery store. i'm not a pizza fan but i LOVE CPK pear and gorgonzola pizza. yum.


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