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Sunday Adventures

Sunday started out with the longest skype session in history-- we called parents, in-laws, extended family, even my grandma got in on the action. It was nice to chat with everyone and see their lovely faces. By 10am, we had spoken to everyone in the world most of our family members so it was time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! We had a rough plan of searching for some public parks in the area, and the public swimming pool. The GPS was on and we were off.
First stop was a park that had a track (I immediately thought of upcoming speedwork) some soccer fields, and a big pond that caught hubby's eye for fishing. We set down our stuff and I made friends with a duck nearby.  Little ducky wasn't very active and I think might have been hurt? I didn't get very close because I didn't want to scare him:

Hubs started fishing and of course that meant it was time for me to eat. For some reason, when we packed lunch I thought it would be a good idea to pack a salad in a ziploc bag with a plastic fork. We have tupperware, don't ask why my brain wasn't working. So baby spinach, strawberries, almonds, cranberry, and balsamic salad. Rye crispbreads in the other bag:

I was digging into my salad bag and some friendly geese decided they wanted some lunch too. I was hungry and selfish and kept it all to myself. 

There were TONS of baby turtles (terrapin?) on rocks by pond but every time I got close for a picture they jumped in the water. So now I have lots of pictures of rocks but I won't make you look at them. I finally did see the grandaddy turtle getting his tan on in the sun and had time to snap a pic since he was slow:

After a while some other people came and started fishing nearby. Except they weren't catching fish. They were catching these turtles! They kept some big ones they caught in a box in their car. This seems incredibly bizarre to me. Does anyone know what you would do with a turtle? I guess some people eat them (GROSS) but maybe there is something else? Turtle races? Anyone?

After a while of pond exploration/fishing we drove to the next place on our list--the public swimming pool. It didn't look open so we looked in on the pool. I'm assuming it wasn't open for the season and it was full of rainwater otherwise they have some major pool cleaning to do. 

I had my heart set on some ice-cream since the weather was perfect for it, and we went to a place that has a giant fake ice-cream cone outside. I assumed they would have ice-cream, right? Somehow on an 80 degree Sunday afternoon they were closed. Craziness! Desperate for a treat, we pulled into a gas station and picked up some goodies:

The cone was mine, and I got hubs an ice-cream sandwich. In about 2 minutes it was clear he was eyeing my cone, so I let him have a the last bite while I "held" his sandwich. Whoops. I looked down and started feeling pretty guilty since I ate most of his. Don't worry, I gave him lots of kisses to make up for stealing his ice-cream. 

What is your favorite hot-weather treat? 
Apparently, it's ice-cream sandwiches. Seriously though, fro-yo is where it's at. Delicious. 

Do you have a outdoor pool near you? When does it open!!!!??! 
I can't seem to find the time of year it's open, but it's really warm in Georgia so it should open now, please!


  1. What a great way to spend a Sunday!!! My favorite hot-weather treat is definitely ice cream. Yum yum yum. We don't have an outdoor pool nearby that I'm aware of. I just moved to the area though so I'll have to try to find out.

  2. I need to find a park with a track. So, I made cupcakes the other day ( springtime funfetti ones) and had the brilliant idea to mix one up in vanilla ice cream along with some left over frosting! AMAZING.
    I have a pool in my neighborhood that I have never ever used. I need to Starr crosstraining.

  3. That sounds like a fun Sunday! We're in Seattle, so the weather is still pretty chilly here.
    I'm a huge fro yo fan in warm weather. Yum!

  4. This totally sounds like the kind of weekend my hubs and I have here in Florida, random parks, random sightings and me always carrying food :)

  5. I love fro yo all year round but especially in the summer.
    Your Sunday sounds like fun! Not sure why people need the turtles. Pets maybe?

  6. This sounds like a PERFECT weekend day :) And I love that you put a salad in a zip-lock. That's totally something I would do...

    My favorite warm-weather treat is DEFINITELY ice-cream...I pass a stand on the way home from work every day, and I think I'll be making quite a few visits as the weather warms up :)

  7. Definitely fro yo!

    I went to a friend's apartment complex pool this weekend, and it was already open and BUSY. I guess the public pools will open soon, but you can maybe check the parks and recreation website (you probably already did..real helpful, right?) I know Georgia has an AWESOME parks and rec department. My in-laws live outside of Atlanta, and I'm so jealous of all the trails and parks near them!

  8. Ha! I put leftover salad in ziplocs all the time but I've never actually tried to eat it out of one...
    Definitely sign up for Chickamauga - it's a great first marathon!

  9. I couldn't email you back on your comment on my page, but thank you for the positive reinforcement! :) I think that is EXACTLY what it is, you mentally take a day off of everything. :)

  10. Um, I had a really great comment but then it got deleted...

    Basically it said how much I loved this post and how much we have in common, like weekend adventures with the hubbs, love for ice cream, same name, HAWAII...

    and I just couldn't make this comment sound as great as the previous one so I'm gonna leave it at that =)

  11. I live a 5 minute drive from the beach, so I'll take that over an outdoor pool anyday... with a side of popsicles, please :-) That turtle you saw is cute! I would race them! I can't imagine anyone eating them... but I feel the same way about half of the things you'd order at a sushi joint, haha.

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