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Coconut Fiasco

I'm sure you've all heard of the benefit of coconut water. If not, here's a recap:

  • More potassium than a banana (lots more than most sports drinks)
  • Completely natural
  • Full of electrolytes
  • Rehydrates you quicker than water
Got it. The stuff is super good for you. I knew that, which is why I bought this bottle of Zico Coconut Water last weekend.

It's pretty pricey at almost $3 but I really wanted to test it, and also maybe review it on here. I opened it up, took a sip, and passed in on to hubs. We both agreed it seemed like you weren't drinking it--it was getting absorbed into you almost. Strange, but mild and sweet tasting and certainly hydrating. I saved 80% of the bottle thinking that I could use it after a long run to hydrate, or a really sunny day. 

Fast forward to this past Tuesday. Hubs is getting ready to take a nice walk with me in the sunshine and I had the bright idea of bringing along the coconut water. Perfect, right? It's sunny, we were sweating, we could really tell how hydrating it was. I pulled it out of the fridge and hubby went in for a taste. 
Things did not go well from there. It turns out, opening this guy up and then saving it for a few days is NOT a great idea. Apparently, it tasted like "sour yogurt". I smelled it, and it was certainly rancid. Our walk was delayed a few minutes while hubs rinsed his mouth out, and then decided to brush his teeth. I escaped relatively unscathed. 

Moral of the story: coconut water is probably good for you, just drink it straight away. Also, use the man in your life as a guinea pig to test things out before you try them. (Thanks hubs!)

What would I possibly do without this guy?

Have you ever tried coconut water? 
I assume you had a better experience than we did!

What do you use to hydrate during long runs in the summer (outside)? Sports drinks, coconut water, plain old water?
I usually go for plain water but lately I've been leaning towards Nuun hydration tablets. They seem like enough extra to keep my from getting dehydrated without extra calories. 


  1. Gorgeous picture! I've tried coconut milk in smoothies, but never plain (now I'm curious). I usually just rehydrate with ice cold water, or popsicles that I make with low cal/low sugar drinks like SOBE or vitamin water.

    As for your questions about blueberries... I avoid tried ones even more than I avoid fresh ones, haha.

  2. I have tried coconut water but I drank it all immediately after opening. Good thing you had him to test it out! Ha, poor guy!!! I use mostly water to hydrate but sometimes I'll take gatorade in one of my bottles and water in the other.

  3. I tried coconut water once, and wasn't really a fan. I really wanted to like it, so I might give it another try.

    I'm obsessed lately with Powerade Zero. Before, during, and after running :)

  4. I love coconut water, but I prefer the smaller bottles for after a run and have it in one sitting vs. over time. I could see where it might get funky.

  5. i've never tried coconut water...but when that day comes, i really appreciate the 'heads up'!

    i'm just a plain old water kind of gal...but after runs, i crave milk. strange, huh?

  6. I REALLY wanted to like coconut water... but I tried it before a run, and sadly, the only running I was doing was to the bathroom. :(

    It may have been a coincidence, but it was enough to scare me away. I hydrate with a mixture of Gatorade and water... and I love ShotBloks for the long runs.

  7. I use to like coconut water until I had the preparation for a colonoscopy. The drink has the same consistancy and saltiness as coconut water and now when I think about it makes me want to gag. lol! I like to hydrate with plain ol water. I have never really liked adding anything to water.

  8. I have gotten used to drinking the gatorade recovery after long runs. You can really tell that the protien is in there it has a very different taste to it. But I usually just hit up the ice water.

  9. That photo is lovely! I've never tried coconut water before, but I also don't really like coconut...might be a problem :)

    I usually use regular water to hydrate, but lately I've been crazy dehydrated! Perhaps I'll give the tablets a try...

  10. I'm going to have to try that coconut water, didn't realize it has that much potassium in it. It's hard for me to find good potassium sources sometimes.

  11. I've tried coconut water many times, but straight from the coconut - picking the coconut hairs out of my mouth! :) You two are such a cute couple!

  12. I have tried coconut water, and I liked it! And I don't know whether or not it was a coincidence, but I had heartburn that day and after I drank the coconut water it was gone. I've been wanting to try it again to see if it was a fluke, but I haven't had heartburn again yet. lol

  13. I've never tried it, but have wanted to give it a go. Now I know to drink it straigt away, and I guess that I have your husband to thanks for that! You two are too cute together!

  14. I have had a sip of coconut water but it wasn't that brand. It was a bit odd! I know it is really good for you. You look so pretty in the last pic!

  15. I have never tried cocunut water, but it sounds yummy when its fresh lol
    I usually drink water during a long run and gatorade aftewards, I can't drink anything sweet during the run, my stomach just doesn't like it.

  16. Awww, what a sweet picture of you two! I have never tried coconut water as I completely loathe coconut. Even covered in chocolate it makes me gag. Oh well, can't love everything!

  17. I LOVE coconut water!! Growing up, we used to cut the tops off of the coconut, and either pour the water into a glass or use a straw... so delish!!

    I love the Vita-Coco brand... they also have other flavors like orange and coconut, passion fruit and coconut, pomegranate and coconut, etc...

    I used to drink a small bottle after every Bikram Yoga session. So energizing and hydrating!

  18. I love coconut water - but it definitely goes bad very quickly after it's opened!

  19. Your husband is a super cutie pie! I'm obsessed with Vitamin Water Zero right now. I should probably replace it with something healthier, like coconut water, but it's too expensive. Or, that's what I tell myself. :-)

    I don't drink soda, so it's my vice. :-)

  20. Beautiful pic of you two!! Sorry you had to find out about c-water this way! ick!

  21. I go for nuun or watered down gu brew.

    great pic of you two!

  22. love the pic of you all!!

    I usually go for plain much else upsets my stomach. I have never even heard of coconut water but finally got some coconut oil to try cooking with today :)

  23. I LOVE Coconut Water!! I'm SO bummed you had a bad first experience! I actually think it has A LOT to do with the company.. Like Nessa said, Vita-Coco is a great brand--in fact it's the only 100% NATURAL brand on the market right now as all the other coconut water products have been bought out by big names, ie: Coca Cola. (I heard this through the grape-vine, which instigated my own research via google, and I even called 'em out on Twitter to get the scoops!) Hard core. I know! haha:)

    Anyhoo.. My faves have always been VitaCoco & O.N.E. (One Natural Experience) and I buy either individual OR by the liter and girl, they've never gone bad! I don't drink even the single containers in one sitting, so you should for sure be able to leave 'em in your fridge for at least a few days. I'm actually enjoying some right now since reading this post made me thirsty for some & I bought this liter at least a week ago! ...My only suggestion(s) would be to purchase VitaCoco &/or maybe kick up your fridge temp setting...

    PS: I usually tank spring water post workout, however when I know I'm pretty dehydrated, I'll pound some coconut water because of all its awesomeness!

  24. I've never tried coconut water, but I definitely want to! Everyone says it's amazing, but the price has definitely turned me off.

    And I've tried finding it in Hong Kong, but no luck. Guess I'll have to wait until I'm back in the States!


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