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Not Exactly What I Had in Mind...

Today's plan was to wake up bright and early and drive to the scene of my trail half marathon- Scenic City Trail Half & Marathon in the Chattanooga, TN area. 10 minutes away from home, I realize we've forgotten the directions and have no clue how to get there. No problem--we turn back and start the journey 20 minutes later but otherwise fine. Hubby's calf is feeling better and we were attempting to cover the whole 13 miles, but a combo of walking and running. We almost get into the park, but then see a big STOP sign where the entrance is. The gate is locked. The place is closed today. There are tons of people who biked around anyway, but the actual trail is a solid 6 miles away from the gate--on a paved highway. Not my idea of a nice hike. Discouraged but not ready to go home, we drove the other way and found some nice scenery and stopped for a photo op/snack time. Obviously, I was starving from all the, um, sitting I did in the car.

It was an awesome protein bar and deserved a thumbs-up. I was really hoping to get a hike in, so I plugged "recreational activities" into our car's Garmin and set off for a mountain a few miles away--plan B. We got close and I couldn't even make out the top of the peak--it was so covered in fog/clouds. Now it was time for Plan C. We went shopping for food. The exact opposite of hiking. But we were just so close to Whole Foods and didn't want to waste the trip....

I went in for some of my favorite sesame kale and came out with sauteed collard greens, a loaf of rye bread, and a ridiculous amount of clif and lara bars. They didn't even have the kale. Defeated, back home we went where I decided to be really productive and catch up on Glee and Top Chef Masters. This afternoon hubs went fishing and I sat in a chair in the sun and read. Again, physically exhausting stuff. I may tackle some exercise tonight but in the meantime I'm enjoying making Easter treats and relaxing. Happy (almost) Easter!

Are you a fan of cooking shows? Which ones are your favorites?
Love them so much! I can basically turn on the Food Network and watch everything on there for hours. Best is Top Chef though, it's so interesting to watch each season!

Do you find that you're just as hungry on exercise days as rest days? Or do you modify your intake depending on the amount of exercise you do?
I think I eat the same amount each day. Most days I exercise, but even on rest days I feel just as hungry. Days after long runs I usually eat a bit more--I'm starving all day long!


  1. Bummer about your 'hike'! Our parks here in California seem to close because of possible 'hazardous conditions' so that has happened to me once or bueno!

    Fave channels are HGTV and food network anything, except for cupcake wars after dinner because then I start drooling!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Glad you were still able to make the most of your day :)

    I feel even hungrier on non-exercise days. It is crazy. I will eat like allll day long. Then the opposite will usually happen after a long run but today I actually feel hungrier than ever! haha. My body is crazy.

    I LOVE the food network...mostly just because I am obsessed with finding new recipes to try :)

    have a good afternoon!

  3. I'm with Julia here, I seem to eat more on rest days...I have no idea why but it can be quite annoying haha

    I love Ina Garten as of late but I really would watch any show about food except for Paula Deen...I have never been able to watch more than 10 seconds of her show!

    I hate when a day's plans get totally ruined over and over again but it sounds like you definitely made the best of it either way!!

  4. Aw, sorry about your constant changing of plans!

    I also LOVE every food show! We have some similar TV habits :). Top Chef is my favorite, too.

    I find I sometimes eat MORE on rest days, I think because it often falls right before/after a long run.

  5. Sorry your plans got skewed, but the day you ended up with sounds just heavenly! A trip to Whole Foods and an afternoon of reading? Just my cup of tea.

  6. Glad your day turned out okay. The more I workout the hungrier I am. Like all the time. I'm like um, I'm not pregnant so why in the world am I so hungry. Workout days, non workout days, while I'm sleeping-I'm starving! My brother who is a gym rat (but not a juice head) says I need to get more protein in my diet.

  7. Sorry you didnt make your destination but it sounds like you had a wonderful time together. I love food shows but my fav is the one Emeril used to do in NOVA. Regular folks would come in the Whole Foods store with their "food issues" and he would help them shop and prepare a few dishes. My daugher loves Cake Boss so we watch that alot. RE: Being hungry...I am always hungry therefore it is manadantory that I exercise. :D

  8. What a crazy change of plans for you today!

    I'm hungrier if I do a long run. The other days I'm usually fine as far as needing more food. I think my hunger goes in swings with certain times of the month rather than exercise.

    Thank you for the comment on my blog!

  9. top chef definitely is the best. Top Chef Allstars was TRULY amazing!

  10. double doozy! sounded like your day still ended up being fun though--time to relax girl:) ..and btw? I'm obsessed (used to be anyway) with the food network! I even watch when I'm on the master cleanser--people think I'm crazy, but I love the recipes, style, & personalities. Giada is my FAVE:)

  11. Oh I'd be so frustrated about the trail being closed.....

    But nice work improvising and trying to make the best of it.

    Gotta love the neon pink sweatshirt.

  12. oh no! what a bummer! at least you got a whole foods trip in, though!

    I don't really watch TV, so no cooking shows for me, but I read cooking blogs like nobody's business :)

    I think I always eat about the same amount- which is a lot!

  13. Oh man, bummer about the park being closed but way to have a good attitude the whole time. I love whole foods, everything I buy there is so good. Have you ever had their pretzel baguettes? They are soo good.

    I totally love the food network, I have been watching it for years.

    I prbly eat about the same everyday. Most of the time I just feel hungry ;)

  14. I love love love cooking shows even though I don't eat most of what they make. They use meat, butter, cheese, and eggs in almost everything they make! I like Top Chef the most because of the intensity. A lot of other cooking shows are kind of boring to me. There needs to be some kind of exciting challenge for me to watch!

    In terms of eating on exercise/rest days - I just eat when I'm hungry and that's usually all the time. SO I would say I eat the same on both kinds of days! PS - you and hubs are so cute :)

  15. ahh, thats happened to me before too! and yes, I am way more hungry on my lighter days or off days. The body knows what it wants, right?!!

  16. Thanks for the comment on my blog,i am alway hungry too,the more i run to lose weight the more i eat...supose i will gey there soon :)

  17. i almost signed up to run the scenic half at one point, so i'm glad now to realize it's a trail race. i don't do trail runs LOL.


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