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Sushi, Biscotti, and Rebellion

I'm officially a happy camper. Today was basically "do all of Vanessa's favorite things day". How can that be bad?
We drove to Chattanooga to hit up Barnes and Nobles. I introduced hubby to the somewhat rebellious world of reading magazines at the Starbucks in the store for an hour and then discreetly re-shelving them once you're done. I had a warm tea, biscotti, and a new copy of Kara Goucher's new book. Hello, heaven. Nice to see what you're like.

I have a Runner's World subscription, so I resisted the urge to read it there but I did read Women's Running. I've never read it before but by far the best part was seeing an ad in there for miss zippy! She is an RRCA certified running coach and also has a pretty amazing blog. Check it out, I promise you'll learn something!

I also managed to squeeze in the teensiest bit of shopping but most of it wasn't for me! My younger sister is turning 22 soon so I had to pick her up some goodies to send over to Hong Kong. I also may or may not have picked up some earrings that will be debuted on here soon.

All of this sitting, shopping, and biscotti munching make a girl hungry, you know? So we headed over to Whole Foods. Now, there is probably nothing hubs and I like to eat more than sushi. We went all the time in Hong Kong but in rural Georgia the options are a little more limited. So when we tried some at Whole Foods a while ago, we were ecstatic. It's an hour drive away but we justify it somehow. Today, however, Whole Foods was PACKED. They had an Easter celebration going on, live (and loud) music, specials, everything. Which was great for business, bad for us. The sushi maker was clearly overworked and we thought about giving up but we waited....and waited...and got this as a reward:

Worth the wait. I got some tuna nigiri with a tuna and cucumber roll. Hubs had the same but with some salmon instead. The definition of tasty. 
I also did something that might disappoint some of you. Whole Foods was giving out gelato samples. Not a spoon, not a bite, but a nice cup sample. I turned it down because it was freezing out but I regret my decision already. I'm spending the rest of the day curled up in my bed reading my new book and hopefully getting mega inspired for an awesome run tomorrow. 

Are you a sushi fan? Have you made it before? Favorites?
LOVE Sushi. Had it a lot growing up in Hawaii and then living in Asia. I love cucumber rolls, tuna, and salmon. Not onboard with the sauces so much, but I secretly love tempura shrimp rolls. So yum! I have tried to make it before, tastes nice but doesn't look very pretty...

Are you sneaky and read whole magazines in bookstores and then don't buy them? It's ok, I won't judge you. (My hubby might though)
I honestly thought this was why you went to bookstores instead of just ordering stuff online. Why do they give you such comfy chairs everywhere if they don't want you to stay and read?????


  1. I always read stacks of magazines at Chapters (Canadian chain of big bookstores). Such a fun (cheap) way to pass the time!! Just found your blog a couple days ago - really like it. :)

  2. I am not a sushi fan. I tried it once and my uncle totally made fun of me for being "dramatic" in my gagging response. haha. at least I tried :)

    also...I LOVE to read in book stores. there stuff. my stuff. whatever. I think it is great :) So glad you all had such an AWESOME day full of YOUR favorite things :)

  3. I LOOOOVE sushi so much but I never get to eat it as much as I would like! I need to learn how to make it at home. Maybe that'll be my new summer goal! My favorite kinds are the lion king roll and the spicy tuna roll. Delish!

    Sometimes I sneak some magazine reading, but I tend to keep away from bookstores because they are my kryptonite. I ALWAYS manage to buy a book, no matter what, so if I stay away, I can't buy any. I would live in a bookstore if I could, no lie!

  4. I LOVE shrimp tempura rolls! Those and California rolls are my favorite.

    I don't read whole magazines in the store, mainly because Runners World is the only magazine I read cover to cover, and I get that at home. Though, I do read the UK version of Runners World at Borders sometimes. It is like $7 per issue, who do they think wants to spend $7 on a magazine?!

  5. I'm with you...having comfy chairs totally invites sticking around and enjoying the reading material.

    And I love sushi! I'm pretty adventurous, and I've never tried any sushi I haven't liked :)

  6. I am not even joking I did the same exact thing with Kara's book today! TOO FUNNY!

    If you make it down here to Atlanta ever, check out Ru Sans in midtown. DELISH sushi!!!! The menu is HUGE! Everything you could ever dream of!!

  7. well ms. 1/2 of the hottest couple ever (this was the first thing I learned when I came to your blog page and saw your header picture):

    of COURSE I love sushi! What sad person doesn't! I love nigiri, just some straight raw sushi and rice. I'm saddened by all the issues with the ocean and overfishing though, so have tried to limit my obsession (or at least lean towards ordering more smartly. but not using grammar more smartly...more smartly?)

    For some reason I feel totally fine reading a full mag at a Barnes & Nobles, but I would never dare do it at a magazine stand or some other smaller store.

  8. I am so glad you came by my blog. THANK YOU! Your comment was so sweet, I really appreciate it.

    I love your blog, I have had so much fun perusing your old posts. Cannot wait to see more :-)

    I do this at B&N all the time, I sometimes worry I might get kicked out hehe

  9. I could sit in Barnes and Noble for days reading magazines and drinking coffee. There's almost nothing I like better!

  10. I heart sushi too!! come back to paradise & we'll go to Sansei's:)

  11. I LOVE going to B&N's to sit in the comfy chairs, drink Starbucks, and read things I do not plan on buying. Perfection. I don't really see a problem with it...the comfy chairs may not be encouraging you to buy a magazine, but they do get you to stay a while and buy treats, right?

    Sushi is okay, but I LOVE pickled ginger. Best part about sushi. Hands down.

  12. I love sushi and all the soy sauce's salty goodness! And Re: B&N. I usually sit on the floor beside the bookshelf so atleast you make it to the big comfy chair!

  13. And check out my post today. Bragging about the Gourmet Runner!

  14. Not a sushi fan, but I've tried it. The husband made me. ;-) I dislike the idea more than the taste, but I can't get past the mental part.

    I have not been to B&N to crash & read their books, but it sounds like a good idea!

  15. Oh I have definitely sat in a bookstore for like an hour reading things.

    I am a wimp when it comes to sushi! I basically am too afraid to try anything other than a California roll...but i love it!

  16. I live in Chatt and am reading this thinking "where is this Whole Foods she's talking about???" But I think you must have been at what I still think of as GreenLife... on the North Shore, right? They were bought out by Whole Foods several months ago and it was quite the controversy at the time. Regardless, I love that place and when we first moved here I ate lunch there as often as possible! Sounds like you had a fun day!

  17. haha i did that with all those "trashy" tabloids up until i realized I could get US weekly and Entertainment for FREE by using a few of my delta skymiles :) and I just got KAra's new book... cant wait to read it!!

    I too am a sushi whimp... i play it safe with cali rolls :)


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