Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Eats

Thanks so much for everyone who commented on my previous post about running gear. I learned so much from you, including:

--anti-chafe on feet to eliminate blisters (thanks Holley!)
--general consensus seems to be a big thumbs up for running socks (see hubs! not a waste of money!)
--Road ID/your safety is worth the $20 (KariPamMallory, & Sandy)
--Everyone seems to want to try compression socks. I'll take one for the team guys--I'm going to buy some and review soon!

Today was "day after long run day", AKA "bottomless pit and sore so no running day". Great combo right there. Legs were a little sore and I didn't want to push them so I skipped the run and instead had a nice walk (4.75 Miles) to the library and back. As a bonus, I checked out some new books! Also did a quick 20 minute yoga video from This site is really great. They have a ton of free short videos to download, and some full-length classes as well, which cost extra moolah. I've only ever done the free ones, which are perfect for my short attention span. 

Lunch was what is becoming a favorite: Rye crisp bread with turkey, baby spinach, and balsamic. Green beans and red grapes on the side. Yum. 

I also ate another batch of my PB/Protein balls, this time with flax, but no picture. And then some popcorn. And then some swedish fish. And then some more fruit. By the time dinner rolled around I wasn't starving so I ate a large sweet potato with chopped almonds, dried cranberries, and flax. This really hit the spot for me!

On a side note, I'm über proud of a dinner creation for Mr. Gourmet Runner. He wanted Easy Mac (I know, I know) and he likes to eat 2 packets. This pains me. So with his blessing I made one packet of Easy Mac mixed with one mashed sweet potato and added some spinach and lean turkey. Hooray! he said it was a little different, but still good. That orange cheesy sauce flavored everything anyway  :)

Since I'm on a crazy sweet potato kick, tell me how you use them!

Do you practice Yoga? Classes or at home?
I really never used to enjoy yoga because it sort of bored me. Lately I have been enjoying the benefits but the classes are a) a little long for me and b) a lot too pricey for me. Quick, free downloads are perfect!


  1. I cut the sweet potatos in wedges drizzle evoo salt pepper and a little chili powder and roast.... Sup yum!
    I want to be a yogi but I cannot do yoga, I've tried so many times but I am just too hyper for it. I hear so many amazing benefits of yoga.

  2. My absolute favorite way to have sweet potatoes is 2x twice baked garlic potatoes. I take good old fashioned baked potatoes, hollow them out and mash them up with equal parts sweet potatoes then I add smashed garlic cloves (previously oven roasted in their skins in a little olive oil) a little butter, half and half or milk (whatever I have handy), and some shredded cheddar cheese. I mix all this together, then spoon them back into the potato skins, sprinkle them with a little more cheddar and toss them back into the oven for a little while.
    As you can see this is not an exact recipe. I just threw it together one day. I like it even more because there is always a little extra that won't fit into the skins to snack on while you're waiting for them to bake.

    I love yoga. I used to do it all the time. I would get up at five to do yoga. These days, I'm to exhausted to get up that early, and I barely have time because I spend it running. They say you should make time for the things that you love but I love a lot of things. I also love sleep. What can I do? one of these days...

  3. I bought Jillian Michaels Yoga dvd, because I love all her workout dvds, but I have never done Yoga and am not super familiar with all the moves. The reviews said it would be good for a newbie, but I beg to differ, I don't really like it and I think it's because I dont know what I am doing or what I am supposed to be stretching lol I'm very tempted to buy a Beginners dvd just to learn the basics.

  4. I only ever roast sweet potatoes. I'm not creative. I pretty much only ever roast everything.

    I'm too cheap for actual yoga classes, too. I sometimes do Crunch DVD's I've had since the beginning of time. Or a couple of 30 minute shows that come on tv (the channel that used to be fit-tv...I think it's called something else now?) Anyway, I keep a bunch saved on my DVR. They're called Namaste Yoga and Shiva Rea Daily Energy.

  5. i have a 30 minute yoga I do for runners. I love it! So simple and effective. Great for us without patience. haha.

  6. I love roasted sweet potatoes... I peel and chop them, drizzle with olive oil, add salt & pepper and some fresh rosemary and garlic and roast until just starting to get crispy. Yum! And I love doing power yoga b/c it makes you feel so strong. Unfortunately, prenatal yoga is boring and I haven't been doing it :(

  7. Don't you love to get books and movies from the library! When we moved to Montana the first thing I did was get a library card! I like to do you yoga at home, either from On Demand or yoga I love yoga at a studio, but its way cheaper at home!

  8. your food always looks so healthy and yummy!!

    I am not a sweet potato fan but I like sweet potato casserole...probably because it has sugar. ha. or at least my mom's does.

    I like yoga sometimes. Most times I am soooo impatient. I do think it feels SO relaxing though...I would like to get better at it because I have read so much about the benefits of combining it with running.

  9. oh, easy mac. it's a love hate kind of relationship. great improvisation and what a sport he is :).

    i love, love, love me some yoga. twice a week minimum. astanga flow is my favorite. love it! thanks for asking.

  10. I've used youtube for the odd video and I started doing Jillian Michaels yoga DVD after I bought it on iTunes... it's hard but I love it!

  11. Oh WOW. totally craving sweet potatoes now. I really like roasted sweet potatoes and southern-style sweet potato casserole (with brown sugar and pecans...mmmm!). Sweet potato soup is also pretty fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing about! Like you, I just can't justify going to a studio- too time-consuming and too expensive! This sounds like a great solution :)

  12. Your lunch looks so, so good! I love sweet potatoes too, they're great.

    Yoga is really good, and I love it! I used to do it all the time. I don't do it as often these days, though I should.

  13. Thanks for the comment!

    I'm just catching up with your last post! Ha-took me forever to get on the armwarmers bandwagon but I've come to the consensus that they're "HOT" (this is what I'm telling myself) and I love them now!!

    I LOVE sweet potatoes. I either just bake them and eat them plain or cut them up and put them in a foil wrap on the grill.

    I'm not big into yoga, mostly because I don't relax very well and my time is limited. I know it has it's benefits for sure:)

  14. I love yoga. Have you tried Bikram yoga? @ 150 degrees?

  15. I can't wait to hear what you think on compression socks. I think I need to just go get some too. Soon. ha. Your food looks so yummy!!

    I like yoga. I've only been to one class but I plan to go again on Tuesday!! I really liked it.

  16. Hmmm...I like sweet potato fries. I know, that's not original, but they are literally my fave thing in the world.

    As for yoga, I am soooo not a yogi. I try to be but it just doesn't suit this high-strung crazy gal very well :-)

  17. You will love compression socks! I actually use Zansah compression sleeves now, but they are awesome!

    I love mashed sweet potates mixed with diced apples, brown sugar, and a little milk.

  18. I know you were looking for sweet potato ideas, but I'm curious about yours: Did you just toss the almonds, cranberries & flax on top of the cooked potato or did you do/add anything else? It looks so yummy!

  19. Free Yoga downloads?! Awesome! :)

    I have recently discovered my love for sweet potatoes. I make "fries" except they are just baked - sprayed with a little oil, salt/pepper and some dried onion and/or garlic seasoning. They are the!

    As for compression socks. They are to die for. I got "The Recovery Sock" because they were slightly more reasonably priced than some other models. They are pink! WIN!

  20. I so need to eat like you.

    amazing photos.

    I'm hungry!!