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Curly Fries and Crazy Hair

It's Saturday morning and when I woke up 20 minutes ago, my husband was kind enough to point out a group of runners being awesome and running right outside our window. Today is supposed to be rest day (and we have some awesome plans) but now I'm re-thinking. They really looked like they were having fun and maybe I'll run outside later on their next loop and say hi! Or maybe I'll just relax and do nothing and say nice recovering things to my legs instead. I vote the second one!   :)
I had a coupon for some Arby's curly fries only valid for yesterday:

Clearly, I could not turn down free curly fries. Plus, free = no calories. Everybody knows that. So off we went to redeem it. Those guys at Arby's are tricky. We went in for free fries but ending up spending $10 on food. Whoops. I decided to add a side salad to my curlies and call it a meal:

Somehow hubs managed to upgrade to a ginormo meal without knowing so we had a gallon of diet coke and another pound of curly fries too. We're still getting used to the southern accents and when in doubt we just nod. 

I promise I am not a midget, those are the actual sizes of the drink and fries. P.S. brushing your hair is so last year. I am so excited because we're driving to Chattanooga today to go to a big bookstore so I can buy this: Kara Goucher's Running for Women. It wasn't at my little bookstore here so we're making a trip of it! Plus there's a Starbucks in the store and that alone excites me. 

Yesterday's run was 4.5 miles in in 41:30 (9:13 pace). I may have skipped the scheduled strength training AGAIN and feel like a slacker but I pinky promise that I'll make up for it and do it today instead. 

Are you a curly fry, plain fry, or onion ring kind of person?
Can I vote all 3 please! In order of awesomeness it's onion, curly, plain. The crispier the better. 

Saturday workout details please! I feel so left out having long runs on Tuesday. What are your plans?
Legs are resting but upper body strength training is the plan. 


  1. Gosh I'll take all three too! I splurge on onion rings once a year. My quota is over for 2011 since the Caveman and I shared some just a couple of weeks ago in FL on spring break.
    Isn't it nuts how you get 'troughs' of super sized food??

  2. I am totally a curly fry person. In fact I love Arby's but there are not many here in the city so whenever my husband go out of town we always get it :) Oh and I am out the door to run 5 this morning.

  3. I love curly fries but my favorites are crinkle cut fries, my friends laugh at me because I always ask before ordering at a restaurant if they have them! lol
    I am originally from Charlotte, NC so I have a pretty thick southern accent, I'm sure that's what you are getting a taste of there in GA.
    Today's workout was supposed to be a long run (6 miles) but the weather called for storms so I changed my run last night from 4 to 6 miles and today I am going to take a Zumba class with a friend. Enjoy your day!

  4. My weekness is french fries...or anything salty/seasoned. Yikes! Saturday workout includes some sort of cardio. It is raining so going to hit the gym. Have a great day!

  5. Love all of them, but seriously maybe have them only about once a year--I would balloon in a heartbeat if I had too many.Boo!

  6. Curly fries, without a doubt! I've heard so much about that book lately, I think I need to go take a look today too...

  7. Fries are somehow always more tasty when they are curly! I have been slacking on my strength training lately as well, so you hit those weights and do a few extra lifts for me!

  8. HAHA that was funny..yes those fries do make you look small! I love curly fries!

  9. omg i LOVE frechfries. really anything potato is my jam. Thank you for your sweet comments re: job/PR! :)

  10. mmmm curly fries. I vote for them. Today was a 16 miler & I ran another .5 more!

  11. It's ALL about the crisscut fries! There's something about that waffle cut that makes them taste 1 million times better than any other kind!

    No workout plans today. I went to my college campus for their annual open house and stupidly wore flipflops. My feetsies are achy and black from dirt. Yucko!

  12. I totally would pick all three, and I'm with you on the crispiness.

    I'm actually taking a rare Saturday rest day because of a strangely timed Sunday afternoon trail race tomorrow.

  13. totally craving curly fries :) and I LOVE what you said about southern accents...definitely true!

  14. i looooooove curly fries. that pic of you with the GIANT soda and fries is so cute. i really don't want to brush my hair either, haha


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