Saturday, April 2, 2011

Changes and Flintstone Gummies

I made a few changes to the blog and thought I'd tell you about them. Also, when I say "I" made changes, what I mean is actually that I thought, "hmm...I'd like to change something" and then my awesome hubby did some computer magic stuff and it was different. One day I'll figure out how to work any/all things technological. I promise.

So obviously there are some pictures up there in the header that weren't there before. The stubbly handsome guy is the aforementioned computer wiz, and the other two are of me, appropriately, eating and exercising. There are also some new pages, a section About Me and also one about my past and upcoming Races. Check them out!

The weather is getting warmer here in Georgia, the sun is shining, and I am one happy camper! This morning I used basically every oatmeal add-in I could find to make an amazing breakfast. 

In the mix was sliced strawberries, raw almonds, golden flax, dried cranberries and dried blueberries. And, of course, underneath all of that is some oatmeal. You might think that a small child is staying with me and his Flintstones vitamins got in the picture. But no, those are mine. I hate swallowing pills, and will only do it for something super important. So I buy the chewy children ones instead. I also take a calcium chew every morning. I do eat Greek Yogurt quite a bit, but other than that not a ton of dairy so I like to play it safe. 

Do you take any vitamins/supplements?

Any good plans for the weekend? I think I'll try to get some sun with an outside run today, YEAH!


  1. That looks like a great breakfast! Love the additions to the blog! I take vitamins, sometimes calcium, and fish oil tablets.

    Thank you so much for the comments on my blog!! There aren't any races at all where we are, so we just try to have our own. :) I'm really excited!

  2. its an antioxidant rich breakfast! Love that, perfect way to start the weekend. And flinstones? THEY ARE SO TASTY! hehe.

  3. Your breakfast looks SO tasty! I hate taking vitamins....maybe i should be trying the flinstones gummies!

  4. Thanks so much for commenting/following my blog :) I am excited to follow yours as well!

    That oatmeal looks delicious. I started taking a daily vitamin, glucosamine, fiber, fish oil and glutamine a few weeks ago...who knows if it helps but I like to think they do...haha!

    I was looking at your past races and about me...soooo cool that you ran trail races in Hong Kong...that sounds amazing! I have some family that lives in GA and I really want to try and visit them for Thanksgiving to run the Atlanta Half Marathon :)

  5. I've been taking the gummy vitamins for the past few years. I actually have to hold myself back from taking too many every day. So yummy!