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What a Good Friday!

Hope you're enjoying your Earth Day/Good Friday everyone! Weather is looking gorgeous here in Georgia and it's shaping up to be a warm and sunny Easter weekend--woo-hoo!!!

I have been putting off getting new running shoes for a while now. I kept thinking next week...another 50 miles on's not too bad....
And now it's bad. I can feel the tread worn down on one side of my right shoe, and it's messing up the way I run. My right knee and hip are feeling sore, and I can tell it's because of the shoe. Ugh. I'll get some in the next few days, but in the mean time I feel better doing cross training rather than running.
Today's workout was 30 minutes on the elliptical, and then 1 mile on the treadmill. One mile was enough to know it wasn't feeling right, so I didn't push it. At least I know I was properly fueled from my pre-workout snack (aka breakfast know I can't go more than 2 hours without some form of nourishment):

Sliced strawberries and halved grapes with some sliced almonds for crunch--such a nice warm-weather treat! Post-workout lunch was rye bread with baby spinach, ham, and microwaved egg-beaters with green beans on the side. It was my first attempt at microwaving egg beaters, but it worked and was pretty tasty! Plus lots of green for Earth day--bonus!

How often do you replace your running shoes? How do you know when it's time to toss 'em?
I haven't been running consistently for very long, so I don't have a set plan. In the future I'll track my mileage so I know how far each pair have gone. 

A Friday Challenge for you:
Make sure you eat something green today in honor of Earth day (also feel free to do lots of other things as well!) Let me know what you ate! So far today: green beans and spinach!


  1. I replace my shoes about every 6 months...they are too expensive to do it more than that.

    Happy Earth Day to you too!
    Your lunch looks so yummy, perfect for a green Friday :-)

  2. I bought the shoes I just retired in August of 2010. By the end I felt like they were really in need of replacing. So a couple weeks ago I bought the same exact shoe and then a new type. I'm already feeling so much better while running. I think I probably should have bought shoes earlier than I did. Now I am planning on rotating more once they are broken in. So that should give me some extra time between purchases, I hope!

  3. I am horrible about replacing my running shoes. One time I did and my first run in the new ones I got a stress fracture. So every time I get new ones I worry about getting hurt again. I am really due for new ones now. I will deff be eating green today :)

  4. thank you so much for the encouragement on my speed. i feel like i'm in a world of super speedy incredible runners who have no trouble breaking 3:30 or even 4 hours in the marathon. ah! it is so comforting to know that there are others like me out there! haha

    -exciting about the shoes - what kind are you getting? i replace every 300-500 mi. probably closer to 500...
    -love the challenge and i had a salad and fruit! xoxox

  5. I am so jealous that you all have good friday off. We do not celebrate it in Utah. :( boo hoo!

    Your food looks delicious and for the shoes you should really checkout They are having a really big sale. I have bought 3 pair for myself and 1 pair for my mom and haven't paid more than $50.00 a pair. Good luck and have an awesome Easter weekend. :)

  6. While I am well aware that shoes should be replaced around 300 miles because the cushion begins to break down, I sometimes procrastinate and wait until I feel discomfort. My last pair of shoes were with me for almost 600 miles, whoops. Life gets busy at times and that isnt always a top priority, and shoes are expensive.

    Good call on the cross training until you get new shoes.

  7. I'm horrible about changing shoes up. I tend to forget they could be the problem when I notice one!

  8. I start looking for shoes around 500 miles. I actually have a word document where I track the miles on each pair of my shoes. yup I am that much of a dork. its pretty awesome! I agree with Rachelle...definitely check out!

    I do not think I can go through an entire day without eating something green so I am up for the challenge :)

  9. I LOVE all the food pictures you post!! I want to raid your kitchen--OR just come over and eat w/you! =)

  10. I replace mine every 8-9 months or so... I should probably start tracking mileage too! The pair I'm running in now is from last July so it's definitely time!!

  11. I replace my shoes every 300-500 miles, just depending. I run on pretty bad roads, so I have to look at my shoes and see when I need to replace them!

    I just found your blog though and I love it!!!!

  12. I replace my shoes pretty often, but I suck at buying the right pair for me. I just buy what's on sale. Also, you are like a Mother Theresa eater, reminds me that I need to get my healthy-food act together.

    I am a free-stuff junkie too!! I want free atkins chocolate! I'm gonna figure out how you found the free deal...


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